AEAS meeting with the Prime Minister of Egypt, Higher Education Leadership selection

After the Egyptian Revolution, a debate was initiated regarding the selection / appointments of the leaders of Higher Education institutions in Egypt. Primarily the debate was about the appointment of University Presidents, Deans and Department Chairs. The question was whther it should be by selection, by election or another mechanism that combines both. AEAS was asked to contribute its opinion and experience in this regards. Six of AEAS members have volunteered to travel to Egypt to contribute their experience in this aspect. Dr. Mohamed Attalla President AEAS, Dr. Adel Talaat, Secretary General of AEAS, Dr. Waguih El Maraghy, Dr. Ayman Mosalam and Dr. Adel El Maghrabi. The team met with Dr. Amro Ezzat Salama Minister of Higher Education. They also met with Dr. Esam Sharaf , Prime Minister of Egypt and communicated to him a working paper that summarizes AEAS experiences.