AEAS, 39th Annual Conference, Cairo, Dec. 2012

The 39th, annual Conference for the Association of Egyptian American Scholars was held in Dec. 2012 and was hosted by the national Research Center in partnership with Dr. Ashraf Shaalan, President of the Centre. Joined the Opening Session, Dr. Esam Sharaf Former Prim Minister of Egypt. Also attended the conference opening Dr. Maged El Sherbenne, President of the Academy for Scientific Research and technology and Dr. Khaled Al Zahabi President of the Housing and Building Research Center. Attended the conference 39 members of the Association of Egyptian American Scholars who came from the USA and Canada to participate in the Conference. They were also joined by hundreds of Colleagues in Egypt from the National Research Centers and six different universities. (???) number of papers were presented in the conference under the theme (The Role of Modern Sciences and Emerging Technologies in Economic Development of the New Egypt

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