First Conference for the Egyptian Federation of Scientific Research NGOs - Dr. Esam Sharaf

The First conference for the Egyptian Federation of Scientific NGOs was held in the Conference Center in Madinat Nasr under the Auspicies of Dr. Mohamed Morsi President of Egypt with the chairmanship of Dr. Esam Sharaf Former Prime Minister of Egypt. The Association of Egyptian American Scholars, AEAS has partnered with the organizing group as an active participant in the conference. Also participated in the conference sessions Dr. Mostafa Mosaad Minister of Higher education, Dr. Nadia Zakhary, Minister of Scientific Research, Dr. Maged El Sherbinee, President of the Academy for Science and Technology, Dr. Ashraf Shaalan President of the National Research Center and Dr. Mostafa El Sayed, our great Egyptian American Scholar. Many of AEAS members have participated in the conference including Dr. Mohamed Attalla President of AEAS, Dr. Aly Mansour Vice President AEAS, Dr. Ahmed El Sawy and Dr. Sayed Orady. AEAS has also participated with a booth in the conference exhibition. Many of Egyptian Colleagues have visited the AEAS booth to gain information about AEAS and its activities