AEAS Contributes to the HEEPF Evaluation

Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund (HEEPF) is a mechanism within the national higher education enhancement strategic plan (HEEP). Its main objective, is to support improvements in the QUALITY, RELEVANCE & EFFICIENCY in Higher Education through establishing a sustainable competitive mechanism among Egyptian universities and Technical Colleges (TCs). In early 2007, AEAS was invited to participate in the evaluation of the HEEPF as an external expert. Participated in the evaluation from AEAS:

1. Dr. Amer El Ahraf, Professor and Vice President Emeritus, Professor of Public Health, California State University, President, Association of Egyptian American Scholars.

2. Dr. Mohamed Attalla, Civil Engineering and Project Management, Ryerson University, Vice President, Association of Egyptian American Scholars.

3. Dr. Aly Mansour, Professor of Engineering Management, Maryland State University, System

4. Dr. Magda Bagnied, Professor of Mass Communication, American University in Cairo

5. Dr. Dina El Metwally, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, Suez Canal University.

6. Dr. Roshdy H.M. Hafez, Professor, Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University.

7. Mahmoud Elsayess, Consultant, California, USA

On March, 20th, 2007 at the mid term conference for HEEPF at El Azhar University, Dr. Mohamed Attalla, AEAS's Vice President presented, the results of the evaluation to 3000 conference delegates.

To view the AEAS assessment on the HEEPF web site, please visit here

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