Environmental and Educational Awards--Dr. Amer El-Ahraf

1. Dr. Amer El-Ahraf, President, Association of Egyptian Scholars (AEAS) , was honored by the California Environmental Health Association ( CEHA) that granted him the Stuart Richardson Sr, Award for his Work on Environmental Health in the United States and Egypt. . The Award Ceremony took place during the Association's Annual Conference in Monterey, California., April 13--17, 2009. Dr. El-Ahraf is a Past President of the California Environmental Health Association.

It is be noted that Dr, El-Ahraf is also the recipient of the high honor of being listed by the Journal of Environmental Health as one of the 15 Leaders of Environmental Health.

He has other national and international awards that include the highest in his field of environmental health.

2. In addition, Dr. Amer El-Ahraf,, who is a Professor of Health Sciences and Vice President Emeritus at California State University--Dominguez Hills as well as an Honorary Professor and Adjunct Professor at a number of American and International Institutions of higher education received an educational award from Chapman University, California, USA, . The Faculty Appreciation Award was given to Dr. El-Ahraf for "Bringing Passion and Dedication to the Life Long Education Process at the University" .. In addition to this honor, El-Ahraf has occupied a number of academic and executive management positions in American and international institutions of higher education and in the public and private educational sectors. He served in the capacities of Professor, Department Chair , Vice President and President. He is a Permanent Honorary Professor in German universities . He is a Visiting Professor at Zagazig University, Egypt where he established with his colleagues the Environmental Sciences Program at Zagazig University, Egypt and supervised the Ph.D. work of its first two faculty members among other Egyptian colleagues that he supervised their academic training in the United States and in Egypt.

Dr. Amer El-Ahraf is the author of books, book chapters and over 200 papers, presentations, technical reports and other example of scholarly and professional activities. His publications cover the areas of environmental and public health as well as university management and administration .Additionally, He is a Professor of the Arabic language and a Poet who writes in Arabic and English.