Post conference activities

  • National Research Center: Visit by Dr. Amer el Ahraf and Dr. Mohamed Attalla
  • Mansoura University, Visit by Dr. Ahmed El Sawee and Dr. Sayed Orady
  • Zagazig University, Visit by Dr. Amer El Ahraf
  • Dr. Amer El-Ahraf was honored by the invitation of Professor Dr. Maher El-Domiaty, President of Zagazig University to address a university-wide gathering in the main Conference Centre of the university where all faculty and administrators were invited . Dr. El-Ahraf gave two papers on environmental health issues to a full conference center. One paper , in Arabic, that utilized the El-Ahraf and Hanson's definition of Environmental Health as a foundation of the discussion addressing the academic implications of modern environmental health definitions . The second paper, in English, addressed Dr. El-Ahraf's vision of the future of Environmental and Publics Health. In addition to a Luncheon attended by the Governor of Sharkia, Dr.El-Ahraf visited three academic centers of the university where a great deal of work has taken place in addition to his general help to the entire university since 1974. Dr. El-Ahraf visited : 1) the Faculty of Engineering where he led the development of the Environmental Sciences Program in 1982 and supervised the first two Ph.Ds in Environmental Engineering., 2) The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine where he established a Pollution Research Program and supervised a number of Ph.D.'s work and Post-Doctoral Fellows and 3) The Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Studies where he established courses in environmental science aimed at protecting Egypt's Ancient treasures from pollution and supervised a Ph. D. dissertation merging Ancient Egyptian History and modern environmental concerns. Receptions and opportunities to address the faculty were held at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Suez Canal University, Visit by Dr. Mohamed Attalla, Dr. Lotfy Greish, Dr.Ahmed El Sawee, Dr. Mahmoud Wagdy, Dr. Wagiha Taylor, Dr. Aly Mansour, Dr. Sayed Orady, Dr. Ibraheem Badawee and Dr. Tarek Saleh.
  • Ain Shams University, Keynote Speech on Strategic Planning and a Workshop in Management and Leadership by Dr. Mohamed Attalla.
  • Fayoum University, Keynote Speech on Strategic Planning and a Workshop in Management and Leadership by Dr. Mohamed Attalla.
  • Meeting with the Engineering Sector Council, Dr. Mohamed Attalla and Dr.Mahmoud Wagdy.
  • Egypt E-Leaning University, Visit by Dr. Mohamed Attalla